Advocacy in Technology is a grassroots movement focused on shifting thought paradigms, and works to create intersectionally equitable workplace cultures built through social learning to raise the overall standard of learning in technology.


Advocacy in Technology motivates our youth to be receptive to change by inspiring them, further engaging disengaged individuals in technology. To raise the standard of learning and social awareness, it provides connectivity and affordability, and in turn accessibility to educational resources and career advancement opportunities. It uses an approach that ricochets to educate our youth by raising awareness towards biases that push back on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and the intersectionality of it in the workplace.

Core Values

  • Integrity & Ethics
  • Transparency
  • Change Agency
  • Service to Others


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Organizer + Product Designer

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Sandhya is the Founder of Advocacy in Technology and is passionate about Black, Indigenous, Women of Colour Equity and Justice. They are a Product Designer specializing in product thinking and complex problem solving based in San Francisco.

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Full-Stack Developer

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Mark (he/him)

Front-End Developer + Digital Marketer

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Mark is a Frontend Developer based in Toronto with a background in digital marketing. On the Advocacy in Technology team he wears many hats but primarily supports in web development and social media marketing. He enjoys building stuff, breaking stuff, and donuts.

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Front-End Developer

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Front-End Developer

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Oksana is a driven Frontend developer who is passionate about building a web for everyone. She is addicted to learning, solving challenges, and creating engaging aesthetics.

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Front-End Developer

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Neil Works Full Stack on the Advocacy in Technology team. He has experience working with React and Angular for front end projects, NodeJs for backend projects, and a growing love for GraphQl!

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Rebekah (she/her)

Web Designer & Developer

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Rebekah is a Frontend Developer based in Waterloo with a background in graphic design and desktop publishing. At Advocacy in Technology, she focuses on web development support and fawning over her teammates pets. Rebekah is a lifelong learner who loves crafts and croissants.

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Organizer + Marketer

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Front-End Developer


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Web Developer + QA

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